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NOMEDIA file extension

What is .NOMEDIA file?

A NOMEDIA data file is known as a file placed on a great Android cell system, or perhaps on a great external space greeting card linked to an excellent Google android gizmo. That marks their particular attaching data file while having no multimedia system system info so the file might not be searched and found by simply multimedia systems devices players. NOMEDIA files do not filename word and are also simply referred to as .nomedia.

The utilization of NOMEDIA documents allows raise success by just taking out folders which often in no way should be scanned. To get model, a directory site that has thousands of tracks or perhaps photos may be omitted. NOMEDIA documents may likewise be used to hide adverts highlighted in totally free software when ever put in a similar record from the advertising. Numerous Android os audio and on-line online video players, as well as impression internet browsers (Gallery, MP3 FORMAT Gamer, Video Participant, etc . ) understand NOMEDIA data files.

How to open .NOMEDIA file?

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