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What is .JSON file?

A JSON data file is actually a document that stores basic info buildings and things in JavaScript Target Word (JSON) format, which is a st and ard data interchange format. That is certainly generally utilized for sending information among a web plan and a storage place. JSON data are light-weight, textbased, human-readable, and is modified utilizing a text message editor.

Even more Info The JSON file format was actually based on a component of JavaScript however is certainly taken into consideration a language-independent format, staying recognized simply by a large number of several development APIs. JSON is definitely commonly employed in Ajax Web method coding. It is actually growing to be slowly but surely popular due to an excellent option to XML.

How to open .JSON file?

# Windows
1 Adobe Dreamweaver
2 Notepad
3 Notepad++
# Mac OS
1 Apple TextEdit
2 MacVim
3 TextEdit
# Linux
1 gedit
2 Mozilla Firefox
3 Text editor